Are you New Orleans bound for the first time? It is likely that you are feeling quite overwhelmed with how you can fill your days. Here is a great interactive guide with which you can plan your trip day by day. Below you can find the four restaurants that are perfect for newcomers looking to be exposed to the legendary New Orleans cuisine.

Mr. B’s Bistro

This Cindy Brennan French Quarter restaurant has earned itself quite the reputation over the years. Boasting a relaxing atmosphere and an array of perfectly prepared classic creole dishes, Mr B’s is a must visit for any NOLA first-timer. Try their famous Barbecued Shrimp or their equally delicious Chicken Pontalba, a rich dish developed by the renowned chef, Paul Blange.

Commander’s Palace

Situated in the Garden District, Commander’s Palace has served as home some of the most famous New Orleans chefs in existence such as Tory McPhail, Emeril Lagasse, and Paul Prudhomme. Opened more than 130 years ago, this Brennan-owned restaurant is recognized as an institution of the NOLA dining pantheon. While formal (you’ll need a blazer), Commander’s Palace also has the down-to-earth, fun oriented ambience that permeates the entire city. The menu indulges in all of the creole culinary classics, but can get away with it with James Beard winning Tory McPhail at the helm. This serves as another great destination for a Big Easy newcomer who wants to try all the classics that have made this city’s cuisine world famous.


If your schedule allows it, try to make it here for your Friday lunch. It’s truly a unique experience as many of those at lunch will hang out at Galatoire’s well into the night. Boasting waiters with upwards of five decades of experience at this restaurant, this is amongst the most charming of restaurants in all of New Orleans. Food-wise, opt for the Poisson Meuniere Amandine.

Toups’ Meatery

While universally enjoyed, delicious Cajun cuisine isn’t as easy to come by in NOLA as you may think. However, Chef Isaac and Amanda Toups’, who hail from the center of Cajun country, do it right. The Meatery board features, as the name suggests, an array of sausages, galantines, pork rinds, pates, and more. The Lamb Neck is also a great choice.