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Jazz Clubs of The Big Easy

New Orleans is a city of rich tradition, of vivacious culture, and of exquisite cuisine. Yet, it is perhaps its fantastic music scene that has contributed the most to its renown as a town of fine culture. Considered to be born in The Big Easy, jazz, in particular, can be heard regularly throughout the thriving metropolis. Since the city’s inception, even going as far back as to the Congo Square, the improvisational music form has been an inherent fixture of The Crescent City’s nearly palpable culture.  The next time you’re strolling through this historic city’s famed streets, pop your head into one of the below beloved establishments. You’re sure to be glad you did.

Preservation Hall

Known specifically for its traditional roots, Preservation Hall has played host to nearly innumerable famous musicians. A legendary venue, the building merely requires one to reserve tickets at least 24 hours in advance for any one of its three engaging nightly events. 45 minutes each and starting at 8, 9, or 10 pm, these shows are an impeccable option for entertainment regardless of age.  In fact, Preservation Hall is an alcohol-free venue, making it the perfect option for families.

Fritzel’s European Jazz Club

Although Fritzel’s is on the rambunctious Bourbon Street, that is no reason the discount the elegant Jazz overtures flowing from its open windows on any given night. Traditional and played for the most part by an in-house band, this club takes care to preserve the quality of music played in addition to continuously cultivating its already prestigious reputation. While the crowd may be slightly boisterous, their voices by no means drown out the wonderful music filling the halls.

Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse

More upscale than aforementioned Fritzel’s, this elegant lounge bar resides in the heart of the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Known for its iconic performer, the famed Grammy recipient Irvin Mayfield, the playhouse has garnered the reputation it has for good reason. Even when Mayfield isn’t there himself to dazzle crowds, other jazz forefathers make regular appearances, ensuring a night spend at the playhouse is never a night wasted.

Truly, New Orleans is home to some of the finest music in the world; and all you need to know is where to look.

Best Places to Encounter Street Music

New Orleans, perhaps more so than any other American city, boast a thriving music scene. Not only is the homegrown talent plentiful, but thousands of the planet’s best musicians flock to the city every single year. Some of the most inspiring and unexpectedly fantastic performances you will see during your time in New Orleans will take place on the street. Here are a few of the best spots to listen to street music.

Royal Street 

A music-lover’s dream, Royal Street is chock full of talented street performers. You will be exposed to a variety of genre’s including blues, jazz, a cappella and more. The music usually commences just before noon and continues well past midnight. A few world class groups including the duo Tanya & Dorsie, Buku Broux, Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen and Steamboat Calypso Destination Fun Time Band are all staples of this street.

Jackson Square 

Stop by this area during daytime and you will be sure to catch some talented brass bands in action. Grab a beignet from the nearby Cafe Du Monde and come back to some of New Orleans’ best street music. If you choose to stop by during the night, there will probably single saxophone player.

Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street may be world famous for the live music that pours out of the many live venues that line the sidewalk. But, you will almost certainly be exposed to street music, in particular brass bands, at the corner of Chartres and Frenchman.

The Mississippi River 

Street musicians of all types typically line up on the Mississippi River. If you wish, go ahead and partake in a relaxing dinner-time trip on a steamboat to hear some jazz while cursing down the river.

Everywhere in the French Quarter

It is quite common to run into a brass band leading a second line down a quarter street. Music is simply embedded into the DNA of the city, so feel free to join the line!