New Orleans is known for many things: music, food, history. Yet, one very intriguing aspect of New Orleans history is not often articulated, and that is the city’s vast array of ghost tours. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, it is certain that there is something unnerving about pacing through historic cemeteries, meandering through former murderous establishments, and strutting along ghostly cobblestone streets. Below are listed some of the most captivating ghost tours in the city for those who are inclined to push their limits.

Witches Brew Tours

With over three decades of experience, the reputable Witches Brew Tours boasts some of the most eerie, most haunting, and most interesting ghostly explorations in the metropolis. The guides themselves are incredibly talented and committed to their role. Although theatrical, their efforts help to make the tour a fully immersive experience that is not soon to be forgotten. While there is, to say the least, a number of ghost tour companies available in the city, I would be hard pressed to name one more worth your time than Witches Brew Tours.

Haunted History/Ghost Tour

With a wealth of options available, the Haunted History/Ghost Tour companies offers ghost, vampire, and cemetery tours for those looking to engage with potentially otherworldly spirits. The tour guides are immensely knowledgeable, providing haunting detail with every establishment and area visited. Additionally, it should be noted that when traveling through the French Quarter, tour participants will see the voodoo queen Marie Laveaux’s tomb, a vital part to any trip in the Big Easy.

French Quarter Phantoms

Always in competition with aforementioned Haunted History/Ghost Tour, French Quarter Phantoms provides a nearly unparalleled haunting trip through time. Historically accurate, the tour is not only vastly entertaining but insightfully educational. Appropriate for all ages, the theatricality of this tour is diminished to a lesser degree than in others. In fact, the real fear comes at the hand of stone cold incontrovertible truth. To listen is to feel the transparent hand of the supernatural prickle your skin goosebump by goosebump.

The next time you find yourself in the Crescent City, take advantage of these notably eerie supernatural awakenings. The green isn’t always greener on the other side; and it’s time you found that out for yourself.