New Orleans occupies a unique position on this globe. This isn’t in reference to the city’s geographic location. In fact, the city lies in a precarious location as exemplified by Hurricane Katrina. But instead, it refers to how the city of New Orleans holds is unique in its taste for quality music, food, and just fun. Perhaps the street that serves as the purest embodiment of what makes New Orleans special is Frenchmen Street. This is particularly true with regards to music. Just minutes away from the French Quarter,  Frenchman Street is legendary for its live music scene. The street boasts a wide array of music venues, and diverse offerings of live music.

Todd Berner - Frenchman StreetNo matter if you a reggae, blues, or jazz fan, you will be able to find a concert going on at any point during the week. Many of the venues don’t even have a cover fee. However, please note that it is customary to tip the band if you stay at a concert for some time. The Spotted Cat Music Club and Snug Harbor are two of the most popular live venues on the street.

During the weekend nights, be sure to visit the Frenchmen Art Market to discover the work from all the best New Orleans artisans. Additionally, poets, artists, and musicians line the streets providing great entertainment no matter where you are. Although it is certainly busier at night, Frenchman street can serve as a great place for a day trip. You can explore the street front which contains loads of antique stores, interesting shops, and an array of native cuisine options.

In general, Frenchman street is an absolute must-visit, especially if you are looking to enjoy the music and culture that has become synonymous with New Orleans.